International Scientific Conference

«Philosophy: Tradition and Innovation"

26-29 september 2019, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the conference “philosophy: traditions and innovations” (PTICONF 2019).

The conference will be held from September 26 to September 29, 2019 in Rostov-na-Don.

The conference organizers are:

  • Don State Technical University
  • Belgorod state national research University (BelSU)
  • Complex research Institute of H. I. Ibragimov Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS KNII)
  • Moscow state Institute of culture (CIC)
  • Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (RANH and GS)
  • Southern Federal University (SFU)
  • Moscow state University M. V. Lomonosov (MSU)

The absolutization of scientific rationality is questioned and subjected to various kinds of criticism, which leads to the actualization of Modern humanitarian thought and the activation of socio-cultural analysis of the origins and essence of scientific knowledge. Scientists also began to recognize the need to go beyond narrow disciplinary approaches and search for ideological justification of scientific research. In modern epistemology, the emphasis has shifted to the consideration of irrational forms of knowledge and their essence. The conference is intended to provide an opportunity for scientists, graduate students to summarize the results of the latest achievements in philosophy and theology, as well as to discuss promising areas of development of the industry and establish useful links between partners for further cooperation.

Sincerely yours, PTICONF 2019 Organizing Committee

Conference topics

1. Philosophy of science and technology
2. Philosophy and world religions
3.  Man in the world of culture
4.  Descriptors of philosophical epistemology

Call for Paper

The conference proceedings will be published as full papers.

In English in the journal Knowledge Cultures (USA, New-York), indexed in international citation database SCOPUS.
In Russian in the journal “Humanities and social Sciences”, North Caucasus scientific center of higher school of Federal state Autonomous educational institution of higher professional education southern Federal University (Rostov-on-don). The WAC journal is indexed in RSCI.

Important dates

Online Submission from 25 may to 25 of June 2019
Articles Submission from 25 June to 30 0f July 2019
Review Results from 25 July to 05 0f August 2019
Final revision of articles until  15 of August 2019
Notice of the inclusion of the report in the conference program until  25 of August 2019
Payment of registration fees from 15 of August to 25 of August 2019
Conference program until 15 of September 2019
Holding a conference from 26 to 29 of September 2019

Registration Fees

When published in English in the journal Knowledge Cultures (USA, New-York), indexed in international citation databases Scopus 12000 ₽
When published in Russian in the journal “Humanities and social Sciences”, VAK, indexed in RSCI 700/ per page ₽
When published in the journal “Young researcher don”, indexed in RSCI 880 ₽
Participation in the conference as a listener or attendant 1000 ₽

Registration fee includes access to all meetings of the conference, a city tour, a “conference participant” set (folder, pen, notebook, badge, certificate of participation, souvenir), coffee breaks, informational support.

The standard fee does not include meals, accommodation and transport expenses for the conference participants.

The gala dinner, sightseeing tours in the Kislovodsk city will be extra-charged and organized for the conference participants.

The additional costs can be included in the registration fee if necessary.

*The registration fee is to be paid only after the written notice on the adding the report in the conference program, but no later than August 1, 2019.

*In case of a significant change in the exchange rate of the ruble vs euro, the organizing committee reserves the right to change the amount of the registration fee for payment of the English-language publications, but no later than August 1, 2019.